A Couple of Ideas for Walt and his buddies…
Nov 2012 07

As TA & NP have discussed the pro’s and the cons of the Disney buyout of the Star Wars brand I thought I should add a few words.  I’m not interested in debating if it is a good thing or not, I’m just excited for new Star Wars films!  I have a couple of suggestions for the magical kingdom.  Here are a couple of already existing stories that could make in my opinion excellent additions to the Star Wars legacy.

  1. The Han Solo Trilogy

The Han Solo trilogy is set before ‘A new Hope’ and tells the story of young Han Solo.  It is a ripping adventure and explains his relationship with Chewbacca, how he won the Millennium Falcon, how he upset Jabba the hut and why he wears imperial trousers when he is a smuggler (I wonder how many of you hadn’t spotted this previously and are now looking at Google images?).  Obviously you would have to find an actor with a mild resemblance to Harrison Ford to make this work, for god’s sake not Shia Lebeouf though Disney!  The three books place you perfectly at the beginning of a New Hope so it wraps it up in a nice little package.


  1. Death Troopers

This is a little more left field and pretty new to the Star War mythology.  Death Troopers is a zombie Star Wars novel written by Joe Schreiber.  Set roughly before ‘A New Hope’ a prison vessel discovers an abandoned Star Destroyer and all hell breaks loose.  It is a great twist on what you would expect from the Star Wars universe, but it is exactly this reason it hits all the right notes.  A real ripping yarn.


If either of these stories ever make it to the cinema I will be the first one in line, with my popcorn and my large diet Coke.  I really hope they don’t make them in 3D though…



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