A note to Comment Spammers…
Mar 2012 24

For those that don’t have your own website you may not be aware of the amount of spamming that a website can receive.  Spammers try to add links to their scamming sites to yours in hope someone will follow the link.  A small site like ours can’t afford to hire someone to sift through them all so we have to do it ourselves in the hope of finding some genuine comments to approve.

This is a recent attempt by a spammer to trick us into thinking theirs is a genuine comment.

We wish to thank you just as before for the beautiful ideas you offered Jeremy when preparing her post-graduate research and, most importantly, pertaining to providing all the ideas in one blog post. Provided we had been aware of your site a year ago, i’d have been rescued from the unnecessary measures we were implementing. Thanks to you.

They are tricky little tricksters aren’t they!  Did you spot the one mistake the made?

No? Our site wasn’t created a year ago!  So close to sneaking through.

I’m only messing around and I don’t really have the time or inclination to correct the whole paragraph.  I will say though I do feel sorry for their poor daughter having to grow up with the name Jeremy.  Oh and this was a comment on a piece about Star Wars posters.

Spammers please try harder! C –


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