From humble beginnings, Raised By TV (hereafter known as RBT) has risen up, thrown off the shackles of workplace boredom and become the foremost low-ranking blog on all things strangely interesting in the world of movies.

Whilst here, take this opportunity to peruse, amuse and delight at the sheer wonder of this material. In an age where the digitalisation of our lives is making things truly democratic, marvel and realise that only the internet would give an outlet to these people. They are:

Tom ‘T-Dubz’ Williams

Editor-in-Chief, and, some would say, Chief of all Editors. Head monkey with the biggest typewriter. Buys everything Apple makes. EVERYTHING.

Nick ‘Nack’ Poulton

Has ever a man said so little with so much? A quiet dignity and a thoughtful charisma will only get you so far in this world, and Nick is testing that theory to the max.

Benjamin ‘O’ Shirley

Always assumes that everyone else has the same level of interest in, and knowledge of, all things technical that he does. Ben can make your head spin with his bottomless (and some would say, unnecessarily detailed) knowledge of the internal workings of the TV industry. Also, he runs really fast.

Tom ‘Chiv Chav’ Aizenberg

Never uses one syllable where the possibility exists to use eight. Why bother to find out the proper definition of a word before using it, it’s got me this far hasn’t it? And if you think there are too many Toms on this website, you have no idea how many of us there really are.

Jem ‘Jemerald’ Parks

Jem might be new around these parts, but he ain’t here to play. Rarely seen without his trademark coffee to hand, he has been known to get edgy without his fix of caffeinated bean liquid. His dependance on his cup of joe allows him to remain ever alert, spending the hours some of us would waste sleeping fervently watching and digesting (literally, I’ve seen it) films.

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