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The first in a series of reviews highlighting movies that have been unfairly panned and worth re-visiting for any semblance of merit. First up K C Bascombe’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ (2003).

Brian Billings is a boy with a phobia of the dark. He is convinced he sees and hears sinister things in his own house. To combat it all, he keeps his lights on, and obsessively carries a torch with him, just in case. The film sets things up nicely when his parents go out on a stormy night, leaving elder brother Dale (begrudgingly) in charge. Dale’s girlfriend soon joins them. And then the storm knocks out the power leaving the three without light….

The film is horror ‘lite’, striking a similar tone to Joe Dante’s ‘The Hole’, and therefore struggles to find a comfortable audience. However, imagine something of the Goonies in tone crossed with Darkness Falls and you are partway there. It has some decent moments and while far from a classic, is better than its imdb rating of 5.4 and passes a rainy (or stormy) Sunday afternoon or evening.

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  1. Tom says:

    I would put Alien 3 in the same category.

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