American Restoration
Jun 2012 21

The History Channel is now my go to channel, my latest addiction is American Restoration. It is like MTV’s Pimp My Ride but for Antiques. Well what Americans consider antiques anyway.

Rick’s Restoration is the setting for the show in question. Rick Dale our protaganist is a sleeveless denim shirt wearing biker character. In the title sequence he talks about working with objects built in a time when ‘made in America’ meant built to last forever. They can restore practically anything back to its former glory. They restore anything from 50’s Coca-Cola signs to petrol pumps and Cars.

Most shows will start with a customer bringing them an object to restore this is where their sister show Pawn Stars comes into play, The lads from pawn stars will buy something in the knowledge that restored they will get a far greater return on their investment. And that is the driver for the show really how much value can they add to what is essentially rusted but valuable antiques. Pawn Stars is about a family run pawn shop in Las Vegas (another good time killer of a show)

For me the pleasure comes from the craft and the techniques used to breath new life into the relics that are delivered to them. Like skilful surgeons they go about carful my researching the patients and deal with the issues one at a time and the put them back together again. They are truly skilled craftsmen, and the big reveal at the end of the show always impresses even though you know it they won’t have made a pigs ear of it.

Rick works with his son (most of the shows on the History Channel feature family business) and three other main craftsmen. There is good banter between the team with his son being a good guide for us as he learns the business we can learn with him. The son seems to be the butt of any pratical jokes, which he deals with in his ‘must be smoking a lot of pot to be that relaxed’ kind fo way.

It is probably my age but I really think the history channel is producing some very watchable television currently and deserve more viewers in the UK.

Catch American Restoration every day on the the History Channel.

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