So Nvidia have announced the launch of its Quadcore processor the “Tegra 3”

it will also have a 5th companion core to lower power consumption thus giving a great level of battery life, Asus are promising 12 hours of HD playback, this is good news for tablet and phone users who have not jumped on the “imusthave” band wagon of apple love. This said Apple is looking at dropping their own quadcore, the “A6”. This will trump the A5 chip leaving the question will they put this into the iPhone5 and iPad3 or will they cash cow on the A5 chip and then make “Creative Baristas” form coffee shops the world over buy the same device (all be it much more powerful) again 6 months on?

The Terra 3 will boast the ability to deliver HD Video with a resolution of 1080p at 40Mbit/s, That’s Blu-Ray quality HD rather than the softer online VOD referenced 1080P which would normally be around 15Mbit/s due to its higher compression and greater loss of information from the video.
With that will also come 7.1 Channel Surround sound support. Nvidia claim that when compared to the A5 it is at least twice the speed of the A5 when put to tasks such as video transcoding or photo stitching.

Since the A6 is still a blueprint as far as the public are concerned, it is said to be based on 28nm processing technology, low heat good power. It will be interesting to know the power consumption level but I doubt it will struggle to sell even if it was only 6 hours.

This is interesting times for mobile devices, with 4G coming online soon, it will give better coverage than 3G due to its frequency range and predicting speeds of home broadband once the old TV signal is switched off (UK), devices will up their modem speeds from the current 14.5mbs average to something more around 30mbs and with processing power of laptops and mid ranged computers we could be better connected than ever, As long as someone reminds O2 that they need to stop all this overpriced bull***t on their data charging and just open it to match home broadband limits and costs as that will be the real key as to whether these devices will be an overwhelming success.

Fujitsu are launching a phone with the Tegra 3 and Asus a tablet, the Transformer Prime

Whats next 8 cores?