Avengers Assemble Review
Apr 2012 29

In the UK we were lucky enough to get the new Avengers film before our cousins across the pond, a rare but welcome occurrence.  Everything about this film is huge, a reported budget of $220 million dollars, the good guys are all buffed up, the Alien invaders have some big ass ships/creatures, the Hulk and of course the pressure for it not to suck!

After Disney lost somewhere in the region of $300 million dollars on John Carter (of Mars) all eyes will have been on the big Marvel movie Superhero movie and its director.  The choice of director (Joss Whedon) may have been a bit of a surprise if you were not aware of his work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Doll House and his X-Men comic writing credits.  In my mind he is a more obvious choice than that of Kenneth Branagh who directed Thor, which was mediocre at best.  Mr Whedon clearly knows the material well and in my mind has succeeded were many have failed in the past, simply understanding what audiences want to see and hear from a superhero movie.

The plot is a simple premise really, Loki Thor’s goth styled younger (adopted) brother is hell bent on taking over the world by opening a portal to another world providing access for an invading alien army.  The Avengers consisting of Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, The Black Widow and Hawkeye (Not called Hawkeye in this film for some reason, probably to avoid the purple costume.) have to stop him.

The film builds in the way you would expect with them introducing the heroes one at a time and then watching them interact.  Things don’t go smoothly at first as you may expect with characters who are used to working alone and not taking orders.  This gives the audience the treat of seeing the likes of Thor and the Hulk going head to head or fist to hammer in this case.  Once they have a reason to work together the real fun starts and the last 30 minutes are pure popcorn action heaven.

The dialogue and the action are first rate, Joss Whedon deserves an award for keeping the whole thing moving at a nice pace.  I can’t really remember over the 2hours 20 ever feeling twitchy for the next piece of action.

Overall the best of the Marvel superhero movies to date, the perfect summer blockbuster.

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