Feb 2012 23


Hellboy Wallpaper
Feb 2012 25


Love Hellboy and saw this desktop wallpaper and loved it too.


Wear the Geek
Mar 2012 04


 Uber awesome array of individually designed geek t-shirts and hoodies unavailable anywhere else. Choose your design (from a huge selection) and size:




Mar 2012 12

French comics artist Jean Giraud, known by fans as Moebius has died at 73.

He worked on several Hollywood films including “Alien,” “Tron” and “The Fifth Element” and was a co-founder of U.S. comics magazine Heavy Metal in 1975.

Jean Giraud, known as Moebius, 73, ‘one of the greatest artists of world comic art’ –.

Films that Surprisingly Fail the Bechdel Test
Apr 2012 24

Have you heard of the Bechdel Test? It’s a test devised by Susan Bechdel that really exposes just how male-dominated films and television can be. If you can’t be bothered to read the paragraph about it on wikipedia, check out the comic to the right:

Since I’m a bloke, I was aware of this gender-bias, but was probably not as keenly aware of it as I could be. Bechdel’s simple rules succinctly expose just how unintentionally sexist (giving them the benefit of the doubt here) most films or TV programs can be. Once you know this rule, you’ll watch films and TV shows from a completely different angle. And once you go down that road, it tends to open up a can o’ worms of debate, rage and counter-punches, but gender issues in modern media can be a very interesting and vital topic, from a male or female perspective.

Film School Rejects has put together a list of 10 films that surprisingly fail the Bechdel Test, but be warned: and once you’ve read it, you can’t un-see it, and we at RBT and the good people over at FSR accept no liability for your favourite films suddenly becoming instruments of the doctrine of a sexist, bile-spouting masculine hegemony…

Read the article here.



The Oatmeal Does Game of Thrones
Apr 2012 28

The Oatmeal is a satirical/slapstick online comic that mocks popular culture, politics, grammar, and cats. As Game of Thrones is something of a favourite here at RBT, we thought we’d give a shout-out to The Oatmeal and showcase one of their recent Game of Thrones offerings:

This is about the release of the Game of Thrones Blu Ray, and how the Big Media Corporations are harming themselves by manipulating release windows:

The main character tries to watch Game of Thrones in all manner of legal ways, but is foiled. Only to resort to the illegal method, and find it easy, quick and high quality. This is something of a cause celebre for me, as I have always maintained that if Music and Film companies had reacted more quickly in embracing digital business models, piracy wouldn’t have proliferated anywhere near as much as it has. There is another one relating to Direwolves that doesn’t have the same level of cultural commentary as the first one, but it is funny.

Matthew Inman (him wot runs The Oatmeal) has made an online business work for him via content he has created. You can buy posters, calendars and t shirts from the site, and he has a large and loyal online following. There is a lot of entertaining content available on the site if you are in need of some serious procrastination material, I advise you check it out.



Captain America Sequel Announced… But Who IS The Winter Soldier?
Oct 2012 16

It’s no surprise that, in the aftermath of the gargantuan box office business that The Avengers (Assemble) achieved, Marvel authorised the development of a spree of sequels to the origin movies of its protagonists. Coming to an overpriced multiplex near you within the next few years will be Thor 2: The Dark World, Iron Man 3, and Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

THIS (apparently) is the Winter Soldier

When Iron Man came out, waaaaay back in 2008, it successfully launched one of the lesser-known Marvel superheroes, paving the way, eventually, for The Avengers (via Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger). Although Thor was less well received, it still had its share of admirers, following on from that, Captain America got more of a lukewarm reception. Although I enjoyed itIndiana Jones-lite period stylings and found Chris Evans to be a likeable lead, there’s definitely a lot of room for improvement, provided they can give depth to a potentially one-note character. Captain America was never a comic I read as a kid, so my knowledge of his mythology is fairly limited (I imagine I’m not the only one). All this meant that when the sequel to Captain America was announced, like most people, I just shrugged and carried on with my life.

It’s pretty subtle, but I’m getting the feeling that they don’t like each other

But then IGN posted a short video describing the story of the titular Winter Soldier for comic neophytes like me, and I started to get more excited aout the film. With the new Thor film having an ominous title, Shane Black‘s involvement with Iron Man 3, and now this potentially interesting follow up to come out, I’m genuinely interested in how Marvel is going to achieve all this. A comic book studio effectively exploring their mythology in mainstream cinema is unheard of, and even if some will regard it as an abomination, I find it quite interesting. The link to the IGN video is below, check it out and leave us a comment.