Feb 2012 29

If you’re not a fan of computer games, I know what you’re thinking: “gee great, yet another attempt to intellectually justify computer games from a defensive gamer who is insecure about the innate immaturity of their hobby”…. Aaaand I wouldn’t really be able to argue with that. It’s worth checking out this video though, as it explains why we game:

I already feel a lot better about my geeky habit.



Mar 2012 05

Mari0 Teaser Trailer – Mario Portals – YouTube.

You may have seen this before but like me didn’t realise they were actually going to release it as a game.  Also as a bonus it is free!


Mar 2012 23

Mad Men 8Bit and Game what can possibly be cooler than that?  Enjoy!

My Top 5 Computer Games <br/> Of All Time
Apr 2012 06

Half Life

The first PC shooter to have a proper story and a good one at that.  One of the first games I can remember that maintained the fourth wall and kept you in the game from the POV of Gordon Freeman the whole way through.  Also one of the best opening title sequences of all time.

Chucky Egg

My first home computer was a C64 and this tape was permanently in the deck.  For the younger readers old games came on tape and you had to wait sometime up to 30 minutes while it loaded to play a game.  I loved this little platformer and I still think I could remember the patterns of the birds around the screen and get through at least the first 10 levels without issue.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

I loved Call of Duty 1,2 and 3 but it was 4 that blew my mind and stole days of my life to the multiplayer.  Great graphics, explosive set pieces and great balancing in the multiplayer made it very compulsive playing and possibly threatened my marriage.

Mass Effect 2

I have never really been in to RPG’s but Mass Effect 2 changed that and opened my eyes to a new genre of gaming.  I must admit I tried Mass Effect 1 and didn’t like it so I was surprised when I got so sucked into the second game.  Great story telling and characters make this possibly the best sci fi RPG of all time.

Couter Strike

Created as a mod to Half Life which put it on my radar straight away.  This game I believe was the first game to be played professionally feature televised league matches.  It is a perfectly balanced multiplayer experience.  Practice is essential to master it, but the time you put in to it is paid back with the satisfaction of a victory against the odds.


This is only my opinion and there maybe games I have forgotten.  Let us know what your top 5 games would have be.

The Geekiest Easter Eggs Ever?
Apr 2012 08

I have trawled the internet trying to find out who created these very geeky easter eggs but have had no luck.  Hope you enjoy them and if you find out who made them let me know so I can link to them on the site.

Apr 2012 16

Take a look at this video explain a riddle hidden on the 2009 game ‘Trials HD’.  I think more games designers should be hiding things like this in their games.

Zero Punctuation
May 2012 17

With halo 4 on the pre-order list of antisocial excuses, it had me remembering the funny review style and animation of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. A Games reviewer for the online magazine ‘The Escapist’, Check out his pages at http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation
and try to keep up!


My Top 5 Computer Game Movies
Sep 2012 25

I had been struggling for ideas for a few weeks now when Tom A kindly sent me a list of things to write about.  Number 1. on his list was ‘My Top 5 Computer Game movies’ and to be honest I have put it off because it is comparable to looking at a selection of walls and deciding which one you would rather have your head smashed against.

I dont’ know this for a fact but I think it is a safe assumption that suits in Hollywood look at all the cash coming into the computer games industry and think ‘we want some of that!’.  What they don’t stop to consider is will the story of two Italian plumbers jumping on vegetables/animals heads translate to the big screen?  With hindsight we can all agree that it doesn’t, can’t we?

Since the release of Super Mario Brothers in 1993, 29 Computer game based films have been released none of them managing a Rotten Tomatoes score of higher the 43% and averaging somewhere in the low 20’s.  Japan love them so much they have release a further 33 films which haven’t made it to our shores thankfully.

A much more successful genre has been movies that include computer game themes or story lines.  For example; Tron, War Games, The Lawn Mower Man and the Wizard.  I’m a big fan of War Games and through some research on Wikipedia found out there was a sequel released in 2008 ‘War Games: The Dead Code’!  This has made this all worthwhile.

I suppose I better stop dragging this out and pick 5 films:

1) Final Fantasy The Spirit Within

2) Tomb Raider

3) Prince of Persia Sands of Time

4) Super Mario Bros.

5)Resident Evil


If you think I have been to harsh or there are better films that I have left out let me know.

Check out the Wiki link below for more stats and a full list of the movies.