Feb 2012 15

This looks amazing, love the idea of a slower paced story driven experience in a computer game especially one that looks this good.

Dear Esther review – Edge Magazine.

Built on the Half Life 2 engine (info for my fellow geeks).


Feb 2012 15

A good piece on how an increasing numbers of companies are offering staff the ability to use their own PC’s or tablet computers to do their work.  I don’t have to bring my own iPad to work but choose to as it makes my day easier and find it helps me keep a better track of my work.  Would I like a contribution from my place of work towards the expense? ‘Yes’ do I expect it ‘No’.  It will be interesting over the next couple of years to see how this develops and what major corporations do to deal with personal devices connecting to their networks.

BBC News – BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC.


Feb 2012 16

Ever just been enjoying your day, browsing on facebook, downloading some films, playing some games on your PC when your phone rings.. Its your mum, you think “oh no, this could go on” but you pick it up and then your mum drops a bomb, “I think i have deleted the internet!”
“all of it?” you ask with a smug snigger
“I think so, can you see my emails?”

We have all been there and maybe a large amount of our relatives ignorance of PC usage is that every time in the past when they have asked for help you have pretended to make something like adding a shortcut look so sodding complicated just to look smart in front of them.. well this is what happens, feeling smart now?

For some solutions to this problem of #mumleveltech
Click Here


Feb 2012 16

So just how much would you pay for a redundant old bit of kit that has given you years of loving memories in the virtual world…
World of War Craft Server??

Feb 2012 18


I think we all knew is would be but it looks like Mac Rumours has got proof.  This screen should look amazing!  I better start saving now!

Confirmed: iPad 3 Has a 2048×1536 Retina Display – Mac Rumors.


Feb 2012 20


iPad 3 chip leak squeaks dual-core tweaks • reghardware.

So we have seen the screen the case and now the chip! Roll on March the 7th.


Feb 2012 23

I think Microsoft are scared if they are making videos taking the piss out of other peoples products.


Feb 2012 24

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Check out what Nvidia have in store for us.. the power is amazing but the battery life is a touch as far as I am concerned..

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Feb 2012 25


Adapted from an Oscar nominated short film, this interactive story app for iPads looks as fantastic as its title.

Trailer for Fantastic Flying Books App


Feb 2012 26


Samsung unveils new Galaxy Beam smartphone / projector combo with dual core CPU — Engadget.

A phone and projector combo! able to create a picture up to 50″.  Not sure anyone needs it but it is a cool idea.


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