The Oatmeal Does Game of Thrones
Apr 2012 28

The Oatmeal is a satirical/slapstick online comic that mocks popular culture, politics, grammar, and cats. As Game of Thrones is something of a favourite here at RBT, we thought we’d give a shout-out to The Oatmeal and showcase one of their recent Game of Thrones offerings:

This is about the release of the Game of Thrones Blu Ray, and how the Big Media Corporations are harming themselves by manipulating release windows:

The main character tries to watch Game of Thrones in all manner of legal ways, but is foiled. Only to resort to the illegal method, and find it easy, quick and high quality. This is something of a cause celebre for me, as I have always maintained that if Music and Film companies had reacted more quickly in embracing digital business models, piracy wouldn’t have proliferated anywhere near as much as it has. There is another one relating to Direwolves that doesn’t have the same level of cultural commentary as the first one, but it is funny.

Matthew Inman (him wot runs The Oatmeal) has made an online business work for him via content he has created. You can buy posters, calendars and t shirts from the site, and he has a large and loyal online following. There is a lot of entertaining content available on the site if you are in need of some serious procrastination material, I advise you check it out.



Aug 2012 29

One small step… Make my day.

September marks the US release of Clint Eastwood’s 64th film as an actor, ‘Trouble with the Curve’. The story of an aging baseball scout who takes his daughter along for one last recruiting trip, features a supporting cast including Amy Adams, Justin Timberlake and John Goodman.

A quick look at the recently released trailer promises another dose of legendry Eastwood magic. As surely one of Hollywood’s few leading men whose career has remained so vibrant into their 80’s, Eastwood will have chosen this story to return to acting once more, (despite claims that 2008’s Gran Torino would be his last role) because he sees something very special in the script.

Fans of Eastwood latter works will recognise Curve’s potential for heart-warming Americana, with the finer points of baseball taking a back seat to human drama…Don’t expect Dirty Harry 6. This l0oks set to be yet another graceful swan song from the master of the heart-string and one of the big screens greatest heroes.

But with the sad passing of one of the world’s most respected heroes this weekend, Mr. Neil Armstrong, who better than Clint to step into his space-shoes for the biopic? Universal has previously  acquired the nonfiction rights to “First Man: The Life of Neil A. Armstrong”, and now it can simply be a matter of time before the original Starman’s life is brought to the screen.

There can be no other choice for the role of Mr. Armstrong in his golden years, all mention of 2000’s Space Cowboys aside. The only question is who would play the young Armstrong in the flashbacks? Answers on a postcard…

Trouble with the Curve is released in the UK on November 30th.