Feb 2012 26


Nerd Pride.


Vid of a vid and the vid
Feb 2012 28


Nice mini ‘making of’ feature for King Creosote and Jon Hopkins’ track ‘Bubble’:

Making of Bubble

and the finished video itself:

Bubble Video


Feb 2012 29


Cuban Movie Posters.

Follow the link for a whole host of beautiful Cuban movie posters.

Mar 2012 01


This may be the way to get my kids to eat their lunches!

Star Wars™ Sandwich Cutters with Vintage-Style Tin | Williams-Sonoma.

Mar 2012 02


Geek Art Loves Old Red Jalopy’s Star Wars Wrestling Posters.

Mar 2012 02

Follow the link to check out these amazing hand painted guitar pedals, they sound amazing as well which is probably the most important thing.

Welcome to Z.VEX EFFECTS.

Mar 2012 03


French genius Robert Bresson is my favourite film director. But as much as his films affected me I have always been fascinated with the artwork of his movie posters which spanned four decades from the 1940s to the 1980s and are utterly striking.

Check out the following sites which showcase a great selection:

ephemera assemblyman


Movie poster of the week


Wear the Geek
Mar 2012 04


 Uber awesome array of individually designed geek t-shirts and hoodies unavailable anywhere else. Choose your design (from a huge selection) and size:




Mar 2012 05

Audi visions OLED Technology – YouTube.

Looks like Audi are trying to make Tron a reality. A few years off but OLED lighting built in to the body of your car means you could change the colour of you car at the flick of a switch. Very Cool tech!


Mar 2012 05


The Limited Edition Cheap T-Shirt, Gone in 24hours! | TeeFury.

This made me laugh, very geeky Star Wars T-shirt.  It also reminded me of one of the best gamertags I have ever seen ‘HothChocolate’.

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