Mar 2012 06


I loved the Huarache when they first came out in the early 90’s one of the most comfortable shoes you can buy.  I may have to put some of these on my wish list.

Nike Sportswear Huarache Free 2012 Spring/Summer Collection | Hypebeast.

Mar 2012 07


Nice tune and lovely vid from ambient duo ‘The Dead Texan’.

Glen’s Goo by The Dead Texan


Mar 2012 07


Follow the link below to check out these crazy Japanese watches.  Their speciality is making serious good looking watches that are more than a little tricky to actually tell the time on.  I know it sounds odd to own a watch that may take you a minute or so to work out what the time is but they are great conversation pieces and you can always check the time on your phone!

LED WATCHES & LCD WATCHES : Tokyoflash Japan.

Mar 2012 08


Love this image!

AT-AT in Chicago on the Behance Network.

Mar 2012 10


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Love the look of these office pods, you can pop them in your garden and they are supposed to last at least 20 years.  Good way to free up some space at home and have a quite place to work.

OfficePOD®. Changing the way people work. Welcome to the next generation of workplace..

Mar 2012 10
Walt the Movie -Starring Ryan Gosling??
Mar 2012 12

Great poster shame the movie doesn’t really exist, info is thin on the ground as to the french artist who put this together but I think it is a great poster.

Mar 2012 12

French comics artist Jean Giraud, known by fans as Moebius has died at 73.

He worked on several Hollywood films including “Alien,” “Tron” and “The Fifth Element” and was a co-founder of U.S. comics magazine Heavy Metal in 1975.

Jean Giraud, known as Moebius, 73, ‘one of the greatest artists of world comic art’ –.

Mar 2012 13

Am I the only one that is sick and tired of peoples variations on the Keep Calm posters?  Will this ever die?  At first I liked the typography and simplicity of the original piece but who out there is demanding these massively not clever or funny variations on a theme.  Maybe because it is so simple that it has widened the barrier to entry and allowed any idiot with computer to create their own hilarious version.  If you were thinking of doing your own version please don’t.

Mar 2012 16

This made me smile so much I though my face would break.  A true Genius.

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