Misogyny in Bladerunner?
Mar 2012 17

Bladerunner is my favourite film. By a mile.

But there is something that I’ve always found a little disturbing, and that’s its portrayal of women and their deaths.

The two female replicants, one a ‘pleasure model’, the other an erotic snake dancer, are hunted by Deckard throughout the film, as are their male counterparts Roy Batty and Leon Kowalski. However, where Leon’s death is quick and simple, and Roy’s is a glorious and dignified ‘fade out’, Zhora and Pris are both seen as excuses for a highly elaborate slowmo, ‘romantic’ death, lingered over, with neither wearing much in the way of clothing.

Undeniably, Zhora’s desperate lunge through plate glass shop window displays, surrounded by primary colour neon and fake snow is a beautifully constructed (and re-constructed for the Final Cut version) and shot scene. But is the bikini clad slow mo necessary? What does it add?

Zhora’s Death Scene

When Deckard tracks down Pris in the ruined building in which she’s been hiding out, there is a brief physical tussle before again, Deckard dispatches her with a couple of shots from his gun. Her thrashing and screaming is ended only by the second gunshot, which sends her body flying into the air, again in slowmo:

Pris’ Death Scene

I would change nothing about Bladerunner. But I do wonder on its comment about the worth of women, or the perception of them in the future. Heck, even the ‘love scene’ between Deckard and Rachel is a male-dominant scene in which Rachel ‘obeys’ Deckard’s commands to adore him.

Perhaps it’s got something to do with the era in which the film was made, a sign of the 80s more than anything else. But then Ridley has never chosen to change the elaborate images of his female replicants demises in the numerous updates of the movie.

Just saying, that’s all.


Eyewitness App
Mar 2012 17

My wife introduced me to the Guardian Eyewitness App for the iPad. It simply updates a daily image from some news story around the world. The photos are astonishing and tell their stories without any need for words.

Simple, beautiful and free.

Get the Guardian Eyewitness iPad App Here


Toy Story Re-imagined.
Mar 2012 18

Source: tumblr.com via starredge on Pinterest

Found this on Pininterest, but couldn’t find anymore information on the artist.  It would be great to see a short made based on this concept.

Great Star Wars Art
Mar 2012 18


Okay so we like a poster on this site and these Olly Moss designed Star Wars trilogy images are three of the best I’ve seen (the Empire one being my favourite).



Cool Poster For Edgar Wright <br/>  Triple Bill
Mar 2012 21

http://www.edgarwrighthere.com/ – Check out Edgar’s blog for more images. uninteresting fact (unless your me) he was in the year above me at Bournemouth Art College. Talent and a lot of drive can get you far, well done Mr Wright.

Amazing lego Adverts
Mar 2012 22


For more of these clever Ads follow the link.  They were built/designed by an artist called Jung Von Matt click on their name to see their amazing website.

Sutemos: Quality Electronica Netlabel
Mar 2012 22


I’ve always loved Lithuanian netlabel Sutemos for some amazing free electronica downloads. Their ‘Intelligent Toys’ series is consistently amazing and each release is full of quality tracks.

For choice alternative music and some lovely accompanying artwork, check it out:

Sutemos Website


Mar 2012 23

Mad Men 8Bit and Game what can possibly be cooler than that?  Enjoy!

Lego in Space
Mar 2012 24

There are a few fans of Lego on this site and it’s worth checking out this brilliant vid of the launch of a Lego shuttle that literally makes it into orbit!

Built by Raul Oaida (from Romania), the launch took place from central Germany, reaching a maximum altitude of 35000m. A 1600g meteo balloon filled with helium was used alongside a GoPro Hero, Spot GPS and of course Lego Space Shuttle model 3367.

Launch took place on the 31st of December 2011, the equipment was recovered via GPS tracking 240 km S-E.

Full Launch Vid


Mar 2012 25

Love music genius Jon Hopkins – Check

Love music genius Four Tet – Check

Love the orignal Jon Hopkins track ‘Vessel’ – Check

Love the remix of ‘Vessel’ by Four Tet – Check

So here is the brilliant remix vid, Produced and Directed by ‘Bison’, using an old 3D technique called Anaglyph.



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