Feb 2012 15

This looks amazing, love the idea of a slower paced story driven experience in a computer game especially one that looks this good.

Dear Esther review – Edge Magazine.

Built on the Half Life 2 engine (info for my fellow geeks).


Feb 2012 16

So just how much would you pay for a redundant old bit of kit that has given you years of loving memories in the virtual world…
World of War Craft Server??

Feb 2012 17

Not everyone’s cup of tea but you can’t complain as it is free this weekend on Steam. Noobs get your frag on.

Modern Warfare 3 shoots onto Steam for free • reghardware.


Feb 2012 23


J!NX : Minecraft LEGO Exclusive.

I have already ordered mine. And I haven’t ever played the game!


Feb 2012 25


Adapted from an Oscar nominated short film, this interactive story app for iPads looks as fantastic as its title.

Trailer for Fantastic Flying Books App


Feb 2012 29

Wear the Geek
Mar 2012 04


 Uber awesome array of individually designed geek t-shirts and hoodies unavailable anywhere else. Choose your design (from a huge selection) and size: