Mar 2012 07

Kyle Lambert | Gallery | Toy Shining – iPad Paintings.

Toy Story and the Shining Mash-Up.  all paintings done on an iPad.

Mar 2012 08


Love this image!

AT-AT in Chicago on the Behance Network.

‘Against the Grain’ Pt 2 – Solaris (2002)
Mar 2012 08


The second in a series of reviews highlighting movies that have been unfairly panned and worth re-visiting for any semblance of merit:

I love Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris (2002). I love it more than Tarkovsky’s original (1972). Simple as that.

The mean, moody opening is magnificent and rain-soaked. Clooney is as far from the bad memories of Batman and Robin as he could possibly be and clearly wanted to make a statement to Hollywood that he didn’t always want to play. A bold step.

And this is where Solaris failed. People wanted a blaster wielding ‘Clooney in Space’ saga. This film wasn’t it. A thinking-person’s sci-fi, with one of my favourite soundtracks, this is puzzling, challenging, sad and tender.

Clooney is brilliant and the staging onboard the ship is beautifully designed and realised. The cinematography throughout is a dream.

For this film to get a paltry 6.2 on imdb is a mark of how underrated it is. If Hollywood only backed more of this stuff, the average cinema-goer’s value system would be overhauled we would all to want to engage with something more meaningful.

An elusive, beguiling and woefully undervalued flick. See it.

Solaris Clip – “I remembered her wrong”


Mar 2012 09


Classy: Simplistic Star Wars Poster Remakes | Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome.

Mar 2012 11

I hated this the first time I watched it, I wanted more guns more aliens and all out war.  So when David Fincher delivered no guns only a couple of aliens and a very confined environment I was upset.  I remember reading Empire and hearing that the production was in trouble and that some young music video director had been given the helm, also rumours that Sigourney Weaver had used her star power and insisted on no guns.  No guns was she mad?

My opinion changed after I left the film alone for a year or so and gave it a second chance.  On second viewing the I began to appreciate that this film is closer to the original Alien in that there are no guns and it is in a confined space and you don’t know who to trust.  Fincher introduced some nice set pieces and his POV work with the Aliens in the tunnels was great.  He has said since that is was a nightmare project and that what you see on screen is not his vision, but I don’t think he has anything to be ashamed about.  I think we have something to be ashamed about though as we all slammed the film not because it was bad but that it was not the film we were all hoping for.   Give it another go and judge it on its own merits.

Walt the Movie -Starring Ryan Gosling??
Mar 2012 12

Great poster shame the movie doesn’t really exist, info is thin on the ground as to the french artist who put this together but I think it is a great poster.

Tron Legacy Dancers
Mar 2012 16

Love this awesome dance routine from a group in Japan decked out in Tron Legacy gear.

Dance Routine


Death Troopers
Mar 2012 16

This book has been out for over a year now and no one has optioned the film rights. I want someone to film this bad boy!  If you haven’t read it and you like zombies and Star Wars then buy it today.

Misogyny in Bladerunner?
Mar 2012 17

Bladerunner is my favourite film. By a mile.

But there is something that I’ve always found a little disturbing, and that’s its portrayal of women and their deaths.

The two female replicants, one a ‘pleasure model’, the other an erotic snake dancer, are hunted by Deckard throughout the film, as are their male counterparts Roy Batty and Leon Kowalski. However, where Leon’s death is quick and simple, and Roy’s is a glorious and dignified ‘fade out’, Zhora and Pris are both seen as excuses for a highly elaborate slowmo, ‘romantic’ death, lingered over, with neither wearing much in the way of clothing.

Undeniably, Zhora’s desperate lunge through plate glass shop window displays, surrounded by primary colour neon and fake snow is a beautifully constructed (and re-constructed for the Final Cut version) and shot scene. But is the bikini clad slow mo necessary? What does it add?

Zhora’s Death Scene

When Deckard tracks down Pris in the ruined building in which she’s been hiding out, there is a brief physical tussle before again, Deckard dispatches her with a couple of shots from his gun. Her thrashing and screaming is ended only by the second gunshot, which sends her body flying into the air, again in slowmo:

Pris’ Death Scene

I would change nothing about Bladerunner. But I do wonder on its comment about the worth of women, or the perception of them in the future. Heck, even the ‘love scene’ between Deckard and Rachel is a male-dominant scene in which Rachel ‘obeys’ Deckard’s commands to adore him.

Perhaps it’s got something to do with the era in which the film was made, a sign of the 80s more than anything else. But then Ridley has never chosen to change the elaborate images of his female replicants demises in the numerous updates of the movie.

Just saying, that’s all.


Toy Story Re-imagined.
Mar 2012 18

Source: via starredge on Pinterest

Found this on Pininterest, but couldn’t find anymore information on the artist.  It would be great to see a short made based on this concept.

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