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Feb 2012 28


Nice mini ‘making of’ feature for King Creosote and Jon Hopkins’ track ‘Bubble’:

Making of Bubble

and the finished video itself:

Bubble Video


Mar 2012 02

Follow the link to check out these amazing hand painted guitar pedals, they sound amazing as well which is probably the most important thing.

Welcome to Z.VEX EFFECTS.

Mar 2012 07


Nice tune and lovely vid from ambient duo ‘The Dead Texan’.

Glen’s Goo by The Dead Texan


Mar 2012 12

This video was directed by my talented friend Jon Walton for the band the Jude.  Enjoy!

Salute the Great Composer
Mar 2012 21

American film score composer John Williams has 47 Academy Award nominations to his name. That’s 47. No one has been nominated for more other than Walt Disney.

Of those 47 nominations he has won 5 for Fiddler on the Roof (1971), Jaws (1975), Star Wars (A New Hope) (1977), E.T. (1982), Schindlers List (1993)

In 2005, Williams’ score for Star Wars (A New Hope) was selected by the American Film Institute as the Greatest American movie score of all time.

The 6 years that passed between his nomination for Munich (2005) and The Adventures of Tintin/War Horse (2011) is the longest between nomination years since his first in 1967 (for Valley of the Dolls).

Although he wasn’t victorious this year, it’s still a hell of an achievement and I think it’s about time we celebrated it. Imagine the iconic movie scores (Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, ET, Jaws) being the most notable (notwithstanding Close Encounters’ Alien interaction theme, or even the classic Imperial March, which first appeared in Empire Strikes Back) that you have hummed in your head so many times, or sung at the top of your voice in the school playground. Amazing.

Hey, you may not have any of his scores on your ipod, but maybe you should. The scope of musical layers, themes and complexity is staggering.

If asked, which would you consider his 3 most iconic and memorable scores? Now there’s a toughie…..

I’m going to sign this off with a little controversy and suggest that, of all the amazing music in the Star Wars collection, Williams’ ‘Duel of the Fates’ from The Phantom Menace is his most epic. Combined with that, the lightsaber duels in this sequence of the film are the best of the lot.

Let’s call this link a bit of an indulgence:

Duel of the Fates Sequence


Mar 2012 22

One of my best friends is a man named Wade Goeke, a lot of you may have never heard of him or his products.  But speak to any professional recording engineer or working musician they will speak enthusiastically about their favourite piece of his kit and the beautiful analogue and coloured sounds they give your music.  Wade has just moved into making guitar pedals and has made a couple of beauties.  Follow the link for more info or watch the video to hear them in action.  He also has some amps on the way and on a recent trip I got to hear them in action and they are EPIC!!!.

Sutemos: Quality Electronica Netlabel
Mar 2012 22


I’ve always loved Lithuanian netlabel Sutemos for some amazing free electronica downloads. Their ‘Intelligent Toys’ series is consistently amazing and each release is full of quality tracks.

For choice alternative music and some lovely accompanying artwork, check it out:

Sutemos Website


Mar 2012 25

Love music genius Jon Hopkins – Check

Love music genius Four Tet – Check

Love the orignal Jon Hopkins track ‘Vessel’ – Check

Love the remix of ‘Vessel’ by Four Tet – Check

So here is the brilliant remix vid, Produced and Directed by ‘Bison’, using an old 3D technique called Anaglyph.



Mar 2012 27

Two things I love combined OK GO and the Muppets!  My wife and I really wanted to take the boys to see the new film at the cinema but that is not going to happen.  Last summer my we were in Lancaster in the north of the UK and were going to go and see Cars to at the local Vue Cinema.  What we weren’t of at the time is that the Lancaster Vue is well known for being the loudest cinema on the planet!  As soon as the first trailer came on which was for Tintin the kids exploded in uncontrollable tears and demanded to leave immediately.  Since then the won’t go anywhere near the cinema which means we won’t get to see the Muppets until it is released on DVD.

Apr 2012 09

Follow the link below for a really impressive piece of interactive music.  Really great design as well, reminds me of Flight of the Concords.


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