Feb 2012 15

Feb 2012 15

A good piece on how an increasing numbers of companies are offering staff the ability to use their own PC’s or tablet computers to do their work.  I don’t have to bring my own iPad to work but choose to as it makes my day easier and find it helps me keep a better track of my work.  Would I like a contribution from my place of work towards the expense? ‘Yes’ do I expect it ‘No’.  It will be interesting over the next couple of years to see how this develops and what major corporations do to deal with personal devices connecting to their networks.

BBC News – BYOD: Bring your own device could spell end for work PC.


Feb 2012 15

Will content owners finally have the rights to take legal action against copyright theft around the world?

Click here to see what Gizmodo have to say.. 


Eyewitness App
Mar 2012 17

My wife introduced me to the Guardian Eyewitness App for the iPad. It simply updates a daily image from some news story around the world. The photos are astonishing and tell their stories without any need for words.

Simple, beautiful and free.

Get the Guardian Eyewitness iPad App Here


Jul 2012 31

I have picked through the interweb and here are a few nuggets of Movie News for you:


The New 007 ‘Sky Fall’ trailer:

Time for some controversy but I think Daniel Craig is the best Bond. I await the barrage of abuse from @Orileyy69.

Matt Damon and Michael Douglas

The first shots of Michael Douglas as Liberace in Steven Soberbergh’s ‘Behind The Candelabra’ have been released  Click Here

I would have posted the picture but we would have to pay apparently, so please visit The Huffington Post through the link above.


My last piece of news is that of the announcement that the Hobbit will now be a trilogy of films rather than the two previously announced.  See here for more info.  I’m not very happy about this announcement as having read the Hobbit I think it would make a great 120 minute production not a trilogy!  I know they are going to use other stories from the books but it feels like filler to me.  I will stick my neck out and predict that these three films won’t return half of the income of the original trilogy.



Aug 2012 20








Extremely sad news this morning that Tony Scott has died at the age of 68.  Twitter is aflood with  kind words and stories from the great and good of Hollywood about the influential film maker.

From all of us who contribute to this site I would like to send our thoughts and condolences to his family and friends.

A truly great film maker who’s influence is plain to see in most modern action films.


Talking in the Cinema Just Got a Whole Lot More Dangerous
Sep 2012 18

Picture the scene:

You’ve had a hard day at work and fancy going to the cinema to unwind. Once you and your friend arrive and buy your tickets, you settle down in your seats with your loud sweet bags, which are scientifically-optimised to make as much rustling when touched as possible.

You then get your phone out to make sure it’s on loud; you don’t miss any important texts from your friends, and need it close by to tweet your every inane opinion (“Jony Dep is so fitt LOL”).

Finally, you lubricate your vocal chords to make sure that you can talk as loudly as you can for as long as possible. After all, what’s the point of going to the cinema if not to talk over the film you and everyone around you has just paid to see?

If this is you, I have a message for you: you are ruining the cinema experience for everyone around you.

And you are a dick.


The Prince Charles Cinema in London’s Leicester Square has a novel response to this phenomenon: ninjas.

So, back to the initial scenario: no sooner have you turned to your friend to declare the movie “boring” and “too talky” (30 seconds after the start, natch), you feel a soft breeze on your face, as, out of thin air, three black-clad, faceless martial artists descend upon you. In a non-confrontational, friendly but firm, way, the Cinema Ninjas explain that you are being inconsiderate, and are ruining other people’s experience. Since you are so flabbergasted, you simply nod mute acquiescence, and proceed to allow your fellow patrons to enjoy the film as the three spectral ninjas dissolve into the darkness.

Such a satisfying image

The PCC has long been a great place to watch movies in London. With their astoundingly low prices (especially considering their central location), great cult film viewings, and passionate staff, catching a film there is always a pleasure. In their quest to improve the cinematic experience still further, their morphsuit-clad ninjas innovate in the never ending battle against what is often the worst part of modern cinema viewing: inconsiderate audience members. If that isn’t a good advert for the cinema (at the very least, a damn good publicity stunt), I don’t know what is. I say good on the PCC for clamping down on that rude minority, saving cinema for the rest of us!


Using the Force, or Turning to the Dark Side? Two Views on Disney Buying Lucasfilm
Nov 2012 06

So Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars universe is complete, with the first of the next trilogy due for release in 2015. We’re told that movies will follow every 2 to 3 years, stretching into the distance like the iconic exposition crawl at the start of each film so far.

What are we to make of all this? Like all of the best opinionated schizophrenics, RBT has two voices to put forward a case for those for, and against, this fundamental shift of power. It’s time to pick a side, which will you choose?

THE DEFENCE (Why this is a good thing):

I love Star Wars. I was raised on it. I don’t recall seeing A New Hope in the cinema at the age of two, but have heard the tales recounted by my parents of how I sat open-mouthed at the spectacle for the entire duration without making a peep. Much like everyone else at the time.

For a reminder of the magic, Exhibit A (the original trailer from 1977):


But hang on a minute – I need to qualify this statement a little. I loved growing up with Star Wars, and it was such a fundamental part of my youth that I recognise the propensity to overstate the franchise’s greatness through nostalgia. So, let me make this clear. I love the original Star Wars Trilogy, which contains 2 truly great films (New Hope & Empire), and 1 good film (Jedi). I cannot imagine how many times I have watched them in my life, and can quote scenes over and over again, with unhealthy levels of detail. The imagination behind them, and scale of universe around them is staggering. But I do recognise that they are essentially big screen popcorn fodder, with corny scripts and some occasionally dodgy acting.

But in 1999, when The Phantom Menace was released, everything started to go wrong. George Lucas, was beginning to resemble a human version of Jabba, and his ego had become just as swollen – and fans of the original trilogy should have seen the warning signs when he began insisting on retaining pretty much exclusive control of the new trilogy as Director, Writer, Producer, Costume Designer (he personally designed Natalie Portman’s bust enhancing dresses inAttack of the Clones?!).

Lucas wisely gave away Directing responsibility on Empire and Jedi, citing the stress of directing the first movie. The on-set tales of his clashes with Irvin Kershner, who picked up the reigns for Empire Strikes Back are well known, but Kershner held out, and his vision remains by far the strongest, not to mention darkest of the 6 films so far – and is the most successful in introducing some of the more epic elements into the mix too. Richard Marquand (Return of the Jedi) is rumoured not to have been so lucky. By this time, Lucas was all over the production like a rash, always on set, and dictating what should and shouldn’t happen in every shot. Marquand had a subsequent nervous breakdown as a result. (I still love to dwell on the thought that David Lynch was 1st on the list to direct Return of the Jedi!)

Exhibit B:

The first sign that Lucas was capable of getting it wrong. Yep, I liked Ewoks when I was a kid, but their place in the original trilogy is mis-placed and comical. I still want the Stormtroopers to kick their furry butts in a sliding doors universe.

Exhibit C:

You get my point.

So when the prequel trilogy was released, Lucas had become Jabba, and the series was plunged into the kind of dystopian, dictatorial society that Emperor Sidious would have approved of. It also showed how dangerous Lucas could be without other voices in the mix. Old Georgie was hardly an actor’s director, rarely giving them guidance with performances (his favourite direction?: “do it again, but slower… and better”), means he gets a lot of credit for their consequently wooden performances. He was also involved in some atrocious casting decisions (Jake Lloyd, anyone?), and bogging the prequels down with endless ‘Trade Federation’ guff, whilst trying to appeal to kids with an annoyingly zany, patronising, and borderline racist character in Jar-Jar Binks. What we’re trying to say here, is that it would have been best to take George away from the trilogy sooner.

THE PROSECUTION (why this is a bad thing):

OK, so with all the positive feeling flying around about this takeover, this feels about as welcome as a bacon salesmen at a Bar-Mitzvah, but this must be heard!

Yes, George Lucas no longer having the reins of Star Wars is reason to celebrate, and yes there is potential there (particularly if there’s any truth to the rumours of Matthew Vaughn and/or Joss Whedon’s involvement), but just because it’s different, it doesn’t mean it’s going to be better.

Is it just me, or does George Lucas look like Emperor Palpatine in this picture?

Isn’t it time we stopped dabbling with the classics? The original trilogy is beloved of so many, and the fan culture that grew up with it, alongside the more film-based appreciation is unmatched, despite the prequel trilogy. The prequel trilogy, however, is exactly why this should stop, and stop now. Whenever I now watch the original Star Wars trilogy, I still get the old thrill, and can’t help but enjoy them. This thrill, is tainted though, by the knowledge, and memory of, what was to come. With largely forgettable animated TV series to accompany the flat, lifeless, unimaginative prequels, we have enough content out there that is unworthy of the Star Wars name. Do we need any more? What if they make another film, get Michael Bay to direct it, with Ashton Kutcher starring, Miley Cyrus alongside him, and Charlie Sheen as the villain? It would suck, right?

Brave: Evidence of Disney diluting the Pixar power?

What if Disney’s takeover of Pixar has resulted in their recent undeniable downswing in quality (Brave and Cars 2 weren’t terrible, per se, but do they match the transcendant beauty of Wall-E whilst also somehow still being children’s films? No). What if the impact of the takeover Disney of Marvel has not yet been felt? Cars 2 felt like an exercise in merchandise selling (a strongpoint of the Cars franchise, but also of Disney’s), and Brave felt more Disney than Pixar. What if Disney’s desire to sell merchandise means any film is geared towards toys rather than characters? Marketing and Mouseketeers rather than plot and characters? What if they make the franchise skew even younger, and thus move it further away from that magic mix of the adult and the child-like? Will they add MORE CGI?

I’ll leave you with one final thought:

The Mouse House already have Pixar, ABC, ESPN, Marvel, The Muppets Studio, and Touchstone Pictures under their remit. With Lucasfilm and THX representing such a huge chunk of the movie industry and popular culture in general, does the fact that they are reportedly even in talks to take over Hasbro not worry you? One message? One voice? One huge, supposedly nice and family-friendly company owning everything, and one day coming for us?

Why, it’s enough to make me want to join some kind of rebel alliance, and if that ever happens, we certainly will need A New Hope.

NP and TA