Oct 2012 30

Following on from the Genius that was Mrs Doubtfire as a horror, here is The Shining, as a feel good, family movie.

Oct 2012 30

This is a masterpiece in my opinion as I always found Willy Wonka a bit sinister.

Hollywood Movie Trailer Cliches
Nov 2012 01

Some time ago, I wrote this piece about trailers taking us all to hell in a handbasket… or something. Maybe it was more along the lines of trailers ruining cinema? I forget. Anyway, the point is: trailers bad.

Well, not really.

But all too often that is true. If they’re not showing too much of the film, they’re misrepresenting it, if they’re not copying other trails that have gone before, they’re featuring reviews from fawning, but clearly biased critics. While a well-made trailer can still wow you from time to time, after you’ve been to the cinema a few times, you’ve got a pretty good idea of what you’re going to see. So the good folks at Cracked put together a spoof video that is slightly mis-titled as “Trailer for Every Oscar-Winning Movie Ever”, when in fact, it’s a well-observed and executed lampooning of trailers in general. Check out the embed below, and feel free to riotously disagree in the comments.

“Accusation about your sexuality!”


Les Miserables Movie UK Trailer
Nov 2012 08

So far, we RBT-heads haven’t really covered Tom Hooper‘s follow up to his scientifically-engineered follow up to The King’s Speech; in fact, I don’t even think we’ve mentioned his forthcoming effort, Les Miserables at all. Maybe we don’t like musicals? I certainly don’t (with some notable exceptions), could it be that we don’t like period pieces (lies!), or it must be that, despite a gilded, respected cast, we just can’t get excited about it (bingo).

Having said all that, getting Hugh Jackman, Russell Crowe, Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Helena Bonham Carter, Sacha Baron Cohen and Eddie Redmayne in the same film is a heck of an achievement. At a rough guess, I make that to be about half of Hollywood. It’s not even that they got them all in the same film, they got them in the same film, and got them singingLes Miserables, that runaway Broadway smash hasn’t been adapted for the screen before, and if Hooper can bring his skill for sumptuous production design married to a well-paced and elegant narrative, we could be looking at a (potentially nauseating) Oscar contender.

Not excited, but likely to get stuck taking the family or a significant other to it in January? Maybe you can satisfy yourself with the fact that it depicts a bloody revolution where the bourgeoisie were overthrown, and while it probably won’t be as exciting as The Dark Knight Rises, it might be more coherent.


The World War Z Trailer is Here!
Nov 2012 09

… So after multiple reshoots, reports of internal wrangling, and a rumoured change to the ending, World War Z is finally (nearly), released. Its teaser poster dropped on the 6th November, although it would be better described as a teaser logo, and now we have the trailer.

For those who don’t know, World War Z is an upcoming movie starring Brad Pitt, directed by Marc Forster, depicting (you guessed it) a zombie apocalypse. Based on a novel of the same name by Max Brooks (son of Mel), the book took the form of an ‘Oral History of the Zombie Apocalypse’.

Developing a book that is essentially a set of first-hand accounts into a narrative movie is a hell of a challenge, and perhaps has resulted in being too challenging. Rumours of Brad Pitt not being on speaking terms with Marc Forster have emerged, as well as copious on-set rewrites of the script, and Studio intervention leading to a massive change to the ending. It begs the question: are we reaching saturation point on zombies? During the making of the movie, several other properties have emerged, into an already crowded zombie pop-culture horde.

I personally like zombie movies, and still have a relentless, zombie-esque appetite for the walking dead, so am somehow still looking forward to this. The controversy-tinged production though, should raise warning signs for the fans. The trailer follows, feel free to leave a comment below.


A Young Doctor’s Notebook – Radcliffe and Draper in a Bath
Nov 2012 13

Watch out ladies! That’s right, Daniel Radcliffe’s latest attempt to prove that there is life after Harry Potter involves taking off his clothes! But that’s not all, oh no, he’s also shown in the bath. That’s right, the camera will show him soaping himself down. But wait! That’s not all. Calm yourselves girls, because you see, Jon Hamm (aka Don Draper off of Mad Men) actually shares a bath with him!

I know, right?

Sky Arts‘ critically-lauded Playhouse Presents series returns with A Young Doctor’s Notebook, a comedy miniseries based on the memoirs of a Russian Revolution-era doctor. Jon Hamm plays the older version Daniel Radcliffe’s character. The dual perspectives of the younger man and the older man on the events of the story give it a lightness of tone that it is hoped will juxtapose with the harsh realities of life at that time in a small Russian village.

Daniel Radcliffe seems to have decided that the best way to make everyone forget that he was one Harry Potter is for him to take all his clothes off (just like in Equus, or to play characters who look younger than they are (The Woman in Black). Playing the same character as Jon Hamm is an intriguing prospect, and with seemingly high production design, and the Sky Arts pedigree, there seems to be plenty of reasons to be optimistic about this one. Check out the trailer below, and let us know what you think.

A Young Doctor’s Notebook airs in the UK on Sky Arts in December 2012.


Nov 2012 21

I was a big fan of the original ‘The Host’  and had no idea they were planning a sequel.  This is clearly a bit of a tech demo but it looks like it could be another cracking South Korean monster movie.


Here is the monster attack from the original if you have never seen it.


New Trailer Roundup
Dec 2012 13

Whoa! This has been a big week in movie trailers. The new Man of Steel trailer is up, The Lone Ranger got its first full trailer, and the Tom Cruise-starring Oblivion set its first trailer on an unsuspecting public. In addition to this, a promising-looking upcoming Brit-crime film Welcome to the Punch brought out its own action heavy trailer, in order to remind us that us Brits don’t only make worthy period dramas. But this is all beaten by my personal favourite, Pacific Rim.

Tom Cruise plays a droid repairman (one of the last few on Earth) in Oblivion. A post-apocalyptic Sci-Fi directed by Joseph Kosinski, the guy who made… er… Tron: Legacy. Still, the early footage looks inviting, with strong production design, and as an avowed Tom Cruise fan, I still think the guy can make a comeback. Even if there’s a credibility gap when it comes to imagining him as a droid repairman.

Despite Zach Snyder’s reputation as a brash, showy, slo-mo merchant, the early footage for Man of Steel has retained a restrained, thoughtful, obtuse quality. Could it the steady hand of exec producer Christopher Nolan on the tiller? His brother Jonathan and David Goyer shaping the story? A young up-and-comer in Henry Cavill in the starring role? Or could it be that Zach Snyder finally grew up? We’ll know when we see it in 2014.

The Lone Ranger shouldn’t work. On paper, I mean. A remake of a 1930s radio serial and 1950s TV show? Get of out of town! Still, the Jerry Bruckheimer factor turned Pirates of the Caribbean from a theme park ride to a cinematic behemoth, Armie Hammer has the talent to carry a franchise, and it has kooky Johnny Depp… er, being kooky Johnny Depp, by the looks of things. It has an interesting visual style, as well it might, with Gore Verbinski on board. As maligned as the Pirates sequels are, it’s undeniable that Gore Verbinski has an interesting visual style, and hopefully he can marry it to the kind of storytelling he displayed in the first Pirates movie, or the still criminally under-seen Rango.

As an initially unlikely action star, James McAvoy showed some action chops in Wanted and showed he likes a genre pic with X-Men: First Class. Here, he plays an unhinged detective given one last chance at redemption in this anticipated Brit-thriller gathering plenty of buzz. Oh yeah, and it also stars Mark Strong. If that doesn’t excite you, I feel sorry for you.

And finally, we have Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. Del Toro got sick of the pace of making The Hobbit, and went and make this, and boy, does it look exciting. We have monsters from the sea, giant robots, future Earth, Idris Elba, and…. GUILLERMO DEL TORO. In case you hadn’t guessed, I’m a little bit excited.

Excited by these films? Maybe you hate them? Either way, feel free to tell us why in the comments.


Not Fade Away: David Chase’s Sopranos Follow-Up is Almost Here!
Jan 2013 22

How do you follow up one of the defining television series over the past 20 years? Fortunately for us lesser beings, it’s not a dilemma we’ll ever have to face. David Chase, on the other hand, does. Five years after the televisual phenomenon that was The Sopranos, Chase is about to release his latest opus: Not Fade Away.


His hair prevented intimacy

Set in the 1960s, and titled after a Rolling Stones song, it already sounds painfully hip. It would be understandable if well-trodden path of photogenic young cast, themes of coming of age, music and love all alongside added trendiness, make you want to barf in your rucksack.

But, with this being David Chase, the man who brought us the conflicted, flawed, but scarily relatable Tony Soprano and his brood, you’d like to think you can trust him to bring us some memorable characters. Partly autobiographical, I am personally hoping it can echo Dazed and Confused, and bring us believable teens and that same sense of nostalgia for a time I never lived that Dazed and American Graffiti engendered.

The Sopranos was more than a TV series about gangsters, using a violent criminal subculture as a prism through which to view society was a masterstroke. Can Chase do it again?


See that? That’s ANGST right there

Sadly, early buzz coming out of the film festivals has been mixed, but if one of the GODS OF TELEVISION can’t benefit from the doubt, then I don’t know who can. Check out the trailer below.

Mar 2013 10

I do like the look of the 3rd in the series. A new director on board and by the look of it a lot of Iron man suits!! I will be there maybe not opening day but a definite opening day movie for me.

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