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stereo skifcha from xgabberx on Vimeo.

Requires sound.


Oscar Injustice Pt 1 – Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk
Feb 2012 17

As 26th Feb and the 84th Oscar ceremony approaches, I will be posting a series of movie scenes highlighting awesome performances that should have been recognised by the Academy.

Two of the greatest acting perfomances in one movie Woman Under the Influence 1974(Directed by John Cassavetes): Gena Rowlands and Peter Falk who should have been awarded Best Actress (nominated but won by Ellen Burstyn for Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore) and Best Supporting Actor (not nominated and won by Robert de Niro for The Godfather Pt. II).



Oscar Injustice Pt.2 Harrison Ford
Feb 2012 18


Continuing our reflection on what should have been as we head towards the 84th Academy Awards on 26th Feb.

Although nominated in 1985 for Best Actor for his portrayal of John Book in Peter Weir’s Witness, Harrison Ford’s finest acting moments on screen are as the obsessive inventor Allie Fox in Weir’s The Mosquito Coast the following year. Ford has never been a dynamic character actor, but his work with Weir was the closest he came. Criminal he wasn’t on the shortlist of nominations in 1985.



Oscar Injustice Pt. 3 Burt Reynolds
Feb 2012 19

Continuing our reflection on what should have been as we head towards the 84th Academy Awards on 26th Feb.

Burt Reynolds’ performance in Deliverance 1972 signalled a potential major acting talent.The fact that this was wasted on Smokey and the Bandit and The Canonball Run and a further slide into a mire of mediocrity takes nothing away from a raw and energised turn as adventurer Lewis. The twist that sees him catapulted from Alpha male leader to whimpering tagalong is all the more shocking because of Reynolds’ performance in the first half of the film. Perhaps scenes of male-rape were too much for the Academy in ’72. And perhaps the fact the Academy looked over him pushed Reynolds’ to decide to make sh*t for the rest of his career.


Oscar Injustice Pt. 4 Morgan Freeman
Feb 2012 20

Continuing our reflection on what should have been as we head towards the 84th Academy Awards on 26th Feb.

As an Oscar winner for his role as Eddie Dupris in Million Dollar Baby, many would say that to argue a case for Morgan Freeman would be diluted. I disagree. When Se7en hit our screens in 1995 there was an outcry at how far serial killer movies could push the boundaries of taste. However in the years since, David Fincher’s brooding thriller has garnered a reputation for its restraint, and for all its implied obscenity, Se7en is an understated and thoughtful film. At the heart of this darkness is Freeman’s quiet, reflective performance, which perfectly depicts an honourable man surrounded by a world in decline and his determination to fight for good despite his growing despair. Such is his sense of calm at the film’s core as Detective Somerset that, as a viewer, when he becomes genuinely rattled in the film’s final moments, you are left with the certainty that, in the long run, humanity is screwed.

Freeman has never been better. A turn worthy of a nomination at least.



Feb 2012 22

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Feb 2012 24


The pain!.

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Feb 2012 24


backtothefuture – ForeverGeek.

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Feb 2012 27


You can buy this from Etsy for $74.99, a 2 week lead time though as they are hand made.  This would look great in my kids bedroom.

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Feb 2012 28

Sorry these have been doing the rounds and this was one of the better ones.

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