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Mar 2012 01

I don’t know how this sits with the endless stream of Star Wars related geekery that we love to propagate on this site (ain’t it wonderful?), but I thought this was worth checking out. A bloke called Nick Pitera who just so turns out to be an animator at Pixar (for those who don’t know: owned by Disney) but also has a pretty amazing singing voice. Observe:

Some of the comments below it on the site go a bit too far (what’s that you say? “On Youtube? Surely not!”) in praising this guy’s talent, but it is undoubtedly impressive. And somewhat nostalgic for those of us who regularly met and exceeded the Government’s Recommended Daily Allowance of cartoon croon whilst growing up.



Mar 2012 01

Love these images of Hitchcock and his movies by artist Matt Needle.

In tribute I’d like to pose the following question:

Your entire collection of Hitchcock movies is about to be incinerated in a house fire, which 3 would you save?

My answers are as follows:

1) The Birds

2) North By Northwest

3) The Trouble with Harry



Mar 2012 03


The first in a series of reviews highlighting movies that have been unfairly panned and worth re-visiting for any semblance of merit. First up K C Bascombe’s ‘Fear of the Dark’ (2003).

Brian Billings is a boy with a phobia of the dark. He is convinced he sees and hears sinister things in his own house. To combat it all, he keeps his lights on, and obsessively carries a torch with him, just in case. The film sets things up nicely when his parents go out on a stormy night, leaving elder brother Dale (begrudgingly) in charge. Dale’s girlfriend soon joins them. And then the storm knocks out the power leaving the three without light….

The film is horror ‘lite’, striking a similar tone to Joe Dante’s ‘The Hole’, and therefore struggles to find a comfortable audience. However, imagine something of the Goonies in tone crossed with Darkness Falls and you are partway there. It has some decent moments and while far from a classic, is better than its imdb rating of 5.4 and passes a rainy (or stormy) Sunday afternoon or evening.

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Mar 2012 06

This is either the future or a step to far, and surely a real Ukulele is cheaper than an iPhone and an iPad?  Check out the video below to see what I’m talking about.

via Introducing Futulele, the Ukulele app for the iPad and the iPhone – YouTube.

Mar 2012 06

As the memorable line goes: ‘When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die, there is no middle ground’, in the world of Game of Thrones, survival cannot be taken for granted, everyone is out for themselves, and money and power go hand in hand. Replace “world of Game of Thrones” with the “Television Industry” in that sentence, and you will get some idea of why I worry about the (thus far) astoundingly successful HBO show Game of Thrones. With Game of Thrones season 2 about to be unleashed on the world, and with Season 1 available on Blu Ray, I have been re-visiting the medieval fantasy TV series after the Blu Ray release, re-immersing myself in this intrigue-filled fantasy world. This well-received and high-rating show is performing so well that it is perhaps inconceivable that it could fall from its lofty perch and be banished to the televisual badlands of poor ratings…

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Mar 2012 06


How amazing is the artwork on this Swamp Thing Comic? The artist obviously really like the works of Alphonse Mucha.  Makes me want the comic and I have never been interested in Swamp Thing.



‘Against the Grain’ Pt 2 – Solaris (2002)
Mar 2012 08


The second in a series of reviews highlighting movies that have been unfairly panned and worth re-visiting for any semblance of merit:

I love Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris (2002). I love it more than Tarkovsky’s original (1972). Simple as that.

The mean, moody opening is magnificent and rain-soaked. Clooney is as far from the bad memories of Batman and Robin as he could possibly be and clearly wanted to make a statement to Hollywood that he didn’t always want to play. A bold step.

And this is where Solaris failed. People wanted a blaster wielding ‘Clooney in Space’ saga. This film wasn’t it. A thinking-person’s sci-fi, with one of my favourite soundtracks, this is puzzling, challenging, sad and tender.

Clooney is brilliant and the staging onboard the ship is beautifully designed and realised. The cinematography throughout is a dream.

For this film to get a paltry 6.2 on imdb is a mark of how underrated it is. If Hollywood only backed more of this stuff, the average cinema-goer’s value system would be overhauled we would all to want to engage with something more meaningful.

An elusive, beguiling and woefully undervalued flick. See it.

Solaris Clip – “I remembered her wrong”


Mar 2012 08

Think computer games aren’t relevant to real life?… Well… You’re right, but check this comic out anyway, and even if you’re not into computer games, I defy you not to feel a little bit sad by the end (even if Farmville is super lame):



Mar 2012 09

It is 3 o’clock in the afternoon and Mass Effect 3 has been sat in my bag since 8 O’clock this morning, it is killing me.  Actually the timing of the launch is not great for me, it is the final day of a large project at work today, my Aunt and Uncle have just got back from the states expecting to see me and I will have to wait until he kids are asleep.  EA could have consulted me before picking today for the launch but once again I must have been overlooked.  I’m looking forward to putting some serious time into finishing this epic story and seeing how the decisions I made in the first two games effect the final chapter in the trilogy.  If I get time I will post up a little review as I play through the game.

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