Feb 2012 18

This site was first brought to my attention by DNS on Wednesday since then I seem to be seeing references to it everywhere. This site is generating more traffic in the states at the moment than YouTube according to one article,  another talks about how it has ove a 90% percent female following.  From my brief look at the site I can tell you it is well designed, full of good images and friendly comments from people who seem to be genuinely interested in other people collections or hobbies.  Lets hope it continues to grow and attract positive people to the site.

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Zero Punctuation
May 2012 17

With halo 4 on the pre-order list of antisocial excuses, it had me remembering the funny review style and animation of Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw. A Games reviewer for the online magazine ‘The Escapist’, Check out his pages at http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation
and try to keep up!


<br>Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
Aug 2012 19

Just a Lazy Shiftless Bastard – Alec Baldwin – Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee.

This is the latest project from Jerry Seinfeld and according to Stephen Armstrong in the Sunday Times ‘Jerry finally gets to make a show about nothing’.  If you are a fan of ‘Seinfeld’ you will be well aware of the the running story line of Jerry and George trying to write a sitcom about nothing.  This of course was the inspiration for ‘Seinfeld’ to write a sitcom about four friends who do ordinary everyday things.  ‘Seinfeld’  of course is much more complex than the premise and plays on some very unlikeable characters and social faux pas.   I love thatis it is an online only affair with most episodes on lasting 10 minutes.  I’m just happy to have one of my comedy heroes back on any screen creating new content.  Follow the link at the top to check it out.