Feb 2012 28

So Disney is struggling to raise awareness for its forthcoming Sci Fi/Epic/Extravaganza/Taylor Kitsch vehicle, John Carter, and with trailers like this it’s not hard to see why.

So it should perhaps come as no surprise that some guy who is a fan of the original source material was able to create a far superior trailer from already-existing footage than the numerous efforts spewed forth by the Mouse House Corporation before it:

Disney must be alarmed that a property with this much money behind it is barely known to the wider public. It must be doubly-alarming given that they had a similar problem with Tron Legacy, which admittedly did OK financially, but hardly set the world alight critically or commercially.

Still, when you’ve got one of the original Sci-Fi worlds, as created by Edgar Rice Burroughs (the dude who wrote Tarzan), which was a major influence on Star Wars, there is always likely to be a geeky, technically-minded fanbase willing to do their best to make this film a success. For what it’s worth, the film’s CGI looks good, and with Andrew Stanton (Director of Wall-E and Finding Nemo) on board, I think it will be worth seeing. At least out of curiosity.


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  1. Tom Williams says:

    Great trailer, Nice work finding this mate.

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