Disney’s Latest Short ‘Paperman’ to Play Before ‘Wreck-It Ralph’
Feb 2013 02

I believe I have it right when I say that the cartoon before the main feature used to be a cinematic staple. Why, I just about remember seeing a film as a child that had a short before it, although I must have been very young. Looking back, I think it was the re-release of The Jungle Book. I can’t have seen many shorts (I’d seen enough to get the joke at the start of Who Framed Roger Rabbit, anyhow), before they did away with such entertaining nonsense. I remember being vaguely sad when I realised it didn’t seem to happen any more.

Disney’s Wreck it Ralph may have come out in the US and other territories last year, but it launches in the UK on February 8th. And on that date, when lucky cinema-goers settle into their seats, fistfuls of popcorn in hand, their feet adhering to the already sticky floors, they will be treated to the sight of Disney’s short film Paperman before the main feature, where it should be.

Showing a chance encounter between a man and a woman on a commute, Paperman eschews dialogue, all colour, except for greys, whites, blacks, and reds, and makes a central feature of its music. Featuring subtle CGI that coalesces delicately with the kind of charming, traditional animation with which Disney made its name, and nurtured the imagination of many generations of children. If this doesn’t brighten your day and put a spring in your step, then I’m afraid you’re a lost cause. For all the rest of us, hopefully we’ll have the pleasure of seeing it on the big screen, and rejoice in Disney-Pixar’s quest to revive the cinematic short before the main feature. I’m super-psyched about Wreck-It Ralph, too.

Vive la revolution!


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