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The new Sky Atlantic series ‘Falcón’ is based on Robert Wilson’s bestselling Javier Falcón novels.  The books and the series are set in Seville Spain but the location is the only Spanish piece of this unusual crime drama.  Marton Csokas who you may recognise as Celeborn from the ‘Lord of the Rings’ and also ‘Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter’ takes the lead as Javier Falcón.  Javier is your standard TV cop struggling with his troubled past by burying himself in his work and substance abuse.  I have always struggled with how these characters remain charming when they are smacked out of their faces.

Robbie Coltrane in Jimmy McGovern’s excellent ‘Cracker‘ is one of the rare times this type of flawed character has worked in my opinion.  Why do these cops have to be a walking disaster zones outside of work? Why can’t they just lead normal lives as a balance to the horror they see at work?  If it is because of the horror they see why aren’t more police around the world checking into the Priory?

The most striking element of the production is they haven’t bothered with Spanish accents at all.  I’m not messing around, they even have a Spanish cockney sidekick for Javier.  It is possibly one of the most dumbfounding production decisions I have ever seen or in this case heard.  With the runaway successes of the ‘The Killing’, ‘The Bridge’ and ‘Wallander’ all foreign language productions why did Sky Atlantic feel that even accents would be too much for the audience to deal with?  I can’t tell you how jarring it is to sit and look at these beautiful locations and have people who inhabit them sound like an episode of Eastenders.  Admittedly I don’t think Eastenders has a storyline, which involves someone cutting off people’s eyelids, but still it is annoying.

Clearly they put a lot of love into this production, it is well cast and looks great, a simple decision not to perform in Spanish or with accents completely removes you from the location and makes this just too difficult to watch.



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