First Picture of Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs
Dec 2012 04

Although Ashton Kutcher may look the part in this picture I have my reservations about his acting ability.  Don’t get me wrong I think Ashton Kutcher is good in comedy roles, but this is a different kettle of fish.  Here he as to portray a popular figure known all around the world, for some people I don’t think it is a stretch to say they saw him as some sort of technological messiah.  The script is in safe hands with Aaron Sorkin who has a proven track record in dealing with stories of modern technological events with his work on The Social Network.  In a recent interview Sorkin has revealed he the film will be made of just three acts all set before Jobs is due to go and stage and reveal a new technology.  An interesting concept, after reading his biography I wonder how in just three scenes they will be able to give you the whole picture of a very complicated man though?



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