Game of Thrones Season 2 Thronedown – Episode 3: What is Dead May Never Die
Apr 2012 17

In a series that has so far revolved around more speech than swordplay, more thought than thrust, and more mutterings than murders, it was refreshing to see some violence and nudity at last. Although perhaps not as much as we’d like. Actually, I’ve been unkind, in my opinion, it’s clear that the various players (or in the case of Tyrion, ‘playas’) are moving their pieces into position, and in my complete ignorance of the books, I predict that this slow build will provide a compelling climax.

Word on the ground (at least in my own, entirely limited and anecdotal experience) is that the pacing of the series and some of the quality of the episodes has not been up to snuff. Whilst acknowledging that I can see what they mean, I think that they are as wrong as Ned Stark was when he thought that Robert Baratheon’s will would save him. Every episode brings us closer to the climax of the series, and, in my opinion, it’s clear that there are many story twists to come. It’s rare that we’ve seen any scenes that were unnecessary, superfluous, each scene has a purpose. To a fault, in a way.

I say that because that old challenge of the dense, complex television storylines rears its head, I am, of course, talking about remembering names, places, faces. Keeping track of it all is hurting my (small and oddly-functioning) brain, and I can only see it getting worse. Fortunately with Game of Thrones, while they often see fit to throw a load of new characters at you, they also have the good grace to kill a lot of them off relatively quickly, too.

Brienne: new character and hard bastard

Tyrion continues to fascinate and delight, with a borderline comedic manipulation of the manipulators in Varys, Pycelle and Littlefinger getting a laugh, and his devious machinations seemingly the only match for those of his sister. The fact that he brought Shae to Kings Landing with him suggests though, that he has a weakness, and he even says so at one point. Bran appears to have a psychic link with his wolf, and Renly gets to know his new wife and realises that she’s probably a lot better at this game than him.

I’ve been saying about each of the episodes so far that they have left things finely poised, and this one continues that fine tradition. It would probably benefit the series if they let loose a bit from here though, I think a bit of Joffrey Time is in order, he’s a crowd-pleaser isn’t he?

Still, an episode that builds the intrigue and develops the characters further could never be called a waste of time. I only fear that people might turn off if something doesn’t happen soon. HBO shows aren’t known for their restraint when it comes to violence or nudity though, so I feel that we are in good hands. I still maintain my optimism that this series will be every bit as good as the last, HUZZAH!


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