Indie Game: The Movie REVIEW
Aug 2012 08

Indie Game: The movie is a documentary made by two Canadian film makers Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky.  Reportedly their first film which is an amazing achievement, it is well structured and professionally shot.  The film as the title suggest is about the making of independent computer games, specifically for the Xbox Live Arcade platform.


The making of the film is as modern as its subject matter, it was financed by two rounds of Kick starter funding the second one reaching its goal in 24 hours.  Kick Starter for those who don’t know is a website which you can pitch your project or prototype product to the public and ask for cash backing.  In the case of Indie Game the movie the first round of backing if you donated enough money you would get a credit and the second round was a way of gathering pre-orders and using that to fund the last of the post production.  Fitting as most modern Indie games are funded in the same manner.


Indie Game: the movie could be the perfect of Narrow Casting paid for and made by people who were interested and love the subject matter.  Off the top of my head I can’t think of another film which is so target at one group of society.


The film concentrates on three main indie games and follows one of them through the final seven months of production and its launch.  The games they follow are a already proven hit at the time of filming ‘Braid’, ‘Super Meat Boy’ the plucky new comer and ‘Fez’ the emperors new clothes of indie games.  Each game gives you a unique angle on the developers and the intelligence and determination required to get a game released.


Super Meat Boy


I have been playing computer games since the C64 in the 80’s and believe that the story telling and design in modern game design is highly underrated by most of the press and public.  Modern games and especially indie games are much more like interactive art than the blockbusting ‘Call of Duty’s’ of this world.


Although I earlier said this was a perfect example of narrow casting the beauty of this film it is about people and you don’t need to be interested in computer games to enjoy it documentary.

Indie Game: The Movie Trailer
7 out of 10



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