Man of Steel Trailers: Like London Buses
Jul 2012 23

So, no sooner does the first Man of Steel trailer play at the start of The Dark Knight Rises, does it become apparent that there are actually two different teasers. Ok, so they’re not that different. The footage is the same, they both contain a solemn monologue by a father figure over footage of a fishing Clark Kent. But which father figure? In one version of the trailer, Kevin Costner as Jonathan Kent narrates, and in the other, it’s Jor-El (Russell Crowe) his Kryptonian father. There doesn’t seem too much rhyme or reason behind the choice of which trailer plays at which showing. But either way, it’s clear that people don’t seem too excited about this Superman film. The gist seems to be that Superman is too powerful, the world more cynical now, that he’s just too, well, boring.

Man of steal? Looks like Superman’s been opening some vaults.

I can see why Superman would come across as a boring do-gooder to some, but here’s why you should be excited:

Christopher Nolan is producing. That’s right, Chris Nolan is bringing his Batman experience to bear, and he’s brought his co-writer from the Batman films, David Goyer along for the ride.

The cast? The convincingly superhuman looking Henry Cavill as Superman, alongside Kevin Costner, Russell Crowe, Diane Lane and Laurence Fishburne. Established acting heavyweights one and all. Except Cavill, maybe. That comes later.

Zach Snyder is directing, which might raise alarm bells for some, but maybe it’s time that Superman had a bit of kick-ass style? Zach Snyder has his flaws as a director, but when it comes to cinematic action, the guy knows what he’s doing. He’s an interesting choice to pair with Chris Nolan, who picked Snyder from the cream of Hollywood talent for this gig.

If nothing else, it’ll be different. This ain’t your father’s Superman movie.

Check out the trailers below, and let us know what you think about the film (coming out in 2013).


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