New Skyfall Teaser Poster: A Minimalist but Stylish Take on Bond
Sep 2012 15

The new teaser poster for the forthcoming James Bond movie Skyfall dropped during the week, and I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that I think it’s a belter. With so many generic copycat movie posters out there, it’s not hard to innovate. But  even with that in mind, the whiff of originality emanating from this poster really stands out amid the stench of identikit dross currently attacking the senses outside your local multiplex. There’s just something about the use of the classic slanting 007 font, the evocative but oblique action shot of Bond, and the weather-beaten, straight lines of the Skyfall title that gives the poster real impact.

A tasteful trailer campaign and some equally elegant marketing thus far have built a steady buzz, and now because of that, the studio must be expecting Skyfall to make some serious dosh at the box office. Let’s just hope the unconventional (but, in my opinion, inspired) choice of Sam Mendes as director, the already iconic Daniel Craig, and the premium-level thesping of Ralph Fiennes, Javier Bardem and Judi Dench helps the film’s quality to match that of its marketing. Check out the poster below:


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