Newsflash: Is Matthew Vaughn in Line to Direct Star Wars Episode VII?
Nov 2012 05

So, with RBT’s upcoming pieces for and against the Disney takeover of Lucasfilm coming soon, we had to report the latest, most ‘out there’ gossip to come of it so far. Collider are reporting that Matthew Vaughn (he of Layer Cake and X-Men: First Class directing fame) is in line to direct the first major motion picture out of the blocks. In lieu of our pieces on why this takeover is a good/bad idea, it has to be said that, first of all, this is absolutely batsh*t mental. Collider cite the fact that he has dropped out of the running to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past (The X-Men: First Class sequel) as reasoning for this, but other than that are very up front about it being only a rumour.

Since this is still early days and all, any decisions like this are probably a long way off, but it would be a very interesting choice. Although his background in gangster movies would seem to indicate he operates better in the real world, X-Men: First Class showed that he could direct large-scale action and believably render characters with powers. A better comparison from his filmography would be Stardust, his most underrated and under-seen effort to date. This film captures what Star Wars often reached in its early incarnations, and failed to ever reach in the prequel trilogy: it had high adventure, action, comedy, a great love story, and, perhaps most importantly: a genuinely threatening antagonist. If he were able to recreate the feel of Stardust while directing this new film in the Star Wars universe, why, I’d be first in line.



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