Oscar Injustice Pt. 3 Burt Reynolds
Feb 2012 19

Continuing our reflection on what should have been as we head towards the 84th Academy Awards on 26th Feb.

Burt Reynolds’ performance in Deliverance 1972 signalled a potential major acting talent.The fact that this was wasted on Smokey and the Bandit and The Canonball Run and a further slide into a mire of mediocrity takes nothing away from a raw and energised turn as adventurer Lewis. The twist that sees him catapulted from Alpha male leader to whimpering tagalong is all the more shocking because of Reynolds’ performance in the first half of the film. Perhaps scenes of male-rape were too much for the Academy in ’72. And perhaps the fact the Academy looked over him pushed Reynolds’ to decide to make sh*t for the rest of his career.