Social Media’s Impact on Entertainment – Prometheus
Aug 2012 22

What was the most divisive film of the year?


Ok, what was the second most divisive film of the year?

The Dark Knight Rises?

… Hmmm, alright, what was the third most divisive film of 2012?

Prometheus? Exactly.

Upon its release, Prometheus seemed to delight and infuriate in equal measure. It got good write-ups, as well as white-hot servings of reviewer rage. It took millions at the box office, yet left many baffled.

In short, nobody can agree if it’s good or not.

Lost scribe Damon Lindelof co-wrote Prometheus, and after the fanboy backlash that greeted the Lost finale, a lot of Prometheus‘s harshest critics took to the twitterverse to vent their displeasure at what they saw as the same failings to their various rag-tag groups of followers.

This picture clearly wasn’t posed at all. Damon Lindelof always looks this pensive and high-contrast.

This is where social media comes in. You see, Lindelof has something of a track-record for engaging with fans, seemingly not even avoiding the disproportionately angry trolls who inhabit the interwebs. Lindelof even apologised to fans in the aftermath of the Lost final episode, and clearly has kevlar-skin for criticism. The Wall Street Journal published a piece on its Speakeasy blog interviewing Lindelof about the reaction to the movie, the way he interacts with fans, and creative decisions made along the way. It’s a fascinating read, and a great insight into the inner workings of his mind. I thoroughly recommend you check it out at this link.

For the record, I enjoyed Prometheus, although I can acknowledge that it has problems. If a film does enough with its story to get me hooked, plot holes don’t always bother me as much as some people, although they definitely have an effect. Whether some of these negative points will be addressed in the mooted sequel is hard to say, all I know is that I enjoyed the ride, and would have no problem telling Mr. Lindelof so myself.



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