Stanley Kubrick’s Evocative and Compelling Pictures of New York in the 1940s
Mar 2012 20

Stanley Kubrick is a genius. A genuine, bona fide, 100% distilled genius in a world where the word is used far too often.

Don’t believe me? You must be one of those people who doesn’t like his films. You may even *gasp* have not seen any of his films (although for your sake, I hope that’s not true). You probably think he’s a cold and indulgent film maker and have never forgiven him for the outre violence in A Clockwork Orange… Maybe you just hated his beard. However you feel about the man, just look at these pictures:

Stanley Kubrick’s New York in the ’40s

It’s an overwhelmingly sappy and facile cliche to say this… but I will anyway: these pictures really do tell a story in every frame.

Stanley Kubrick shows us with this collection that he had enough talent to confidently produce quality work in at least two mediums (or is that media? I’ve never definitively found out). If I had ever met Mr. Kubrick, I would have been unable to stifle the desire to yell: “Hey Stan! Leave some talent for the rest of us ok?”…

… or maybe I would just have looked on in respectful silence.


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