Feb 2012 28

A friend at work asked me a few weeks ago ‘Do you watch Storage Wars?’.  I didn’t realise this simple question would become the start of an obsession.  Storage Wars is a simple premise, storage units which which have been forgotten about are put up for auction. Hang on I will let them explain it:

So you get the idea, the characters are larger than life and one in particular Barry Weiss is worth his weight in gold.  They could have ruined the show by concentrating on what must be some very tragic stories of how these units ended up being available.  Luckily they took the lighter tone of concentrating on the three individuals and one couples battles to secure the mystery units. Watch the next clip to see they kind of things they find:

This might not be for you but I highly recommend giving it a try.  Storage Wars is on the History Channel most of the time somewhere in between or after Pawn Stars and American Pickers.


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