The 10 Worst Films to Win the Best Picture Oscar
Sep 2012 17

Every year, when it’s Oscar season, we try to convince ourselves that this time, a film will win the Best Picture Oscar, not because it’s an ‘issues’ movie, not because it features great period detail and theatre-bred British talent, not because Harvey Weinstein has used his considerable heft to pummel the voters into submission, but because it’s genuinely the best film to come out in that 12 month span. Of course, this is a matter of opinion; but there are several films that over time have been proven to not be deserving winners in the year they won, and we thought we’d round up 10 of them, to point and laugh at.

It’s also worth pointing out that, while this is the Academy Awards and therefore, is ostensibly purely the opinion of the titular Academy, who have no responsibility to anyone but themselves, they are by far the most prestigious movie awards ceremony going, so it could be argued that they are the de facto ‘Kingmakers’, and should behave as such. A lot of the films that make up this list aren’t bad films, just not the best films made that year. A common complaint is that films are ‘Oscar bait’. Cynically-engineered to appeal to the Oscar voters and hoover up awards. This is perhaps exacerbated by the horribly skewed voters’ demographics, 94% of whom are caucasion, and also 77% male. So read on, to find out what we think are the 10 worst films to win this coveted award…

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