The Honest Avengers Trailer and A Unique Trailer for The Comedian
Oct 2012 03

I love a good trailer. I love the way that a well-executed but still mysterious trailer can ramp up your excitement for a movie in sub 2 minutes. I love that feeling of unexpectedly seeing the first footage of a film you’re looking forward to, and I love the voice of that trailer guy, because it reminds me of good times in the cinema.

Recently, the trend for movie trailers seems to be to show you the entire plot of the film, and to ruin all of the money shots by showing them out of context. But even with that sizeable disadvantage, I still love them. Below, you’ll find a couple of embeds relating to trailers, that should be interesting. The first one is an ‘Honest Trailer’ produced by Screen Junkies that tells the ‘truth’ about The Avengers Assemble. It’s great fun and pokes holes in the film in such a good way, that even an avowed fan of the film such as I can enjoy it. Warning: spoilers abound from the get-go, so only watch if you have seen The Avengers Assemble.

The second video is the trailer for Jerry Seinfeld’s 2002 documentary Comedian, featuring Hal Douglas (the trailer guy) in a manner that sends up the formulaic trailer any regular cinema visitor will know and love. It’s an interesting film, showing the other side of comedy. But, it has to be said, the trailer is probably better than the film.


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