The Hook Kids: Then and Now
Jul 2012 30

One of the big questions for you here: whatever happened to the kids from that film Hook? I know, we here at RBT really get to the heart of the BIG ISSUES. But seriously though, did they follow the traditional child-actor route of precocious childhood talent, followed by the inevitable spiral into self-destructive addiction? Or did they fade into obscurity, one disappointing film role at a time? Or, most disappointingly, did they do something in the middle?

This article at has ‘then and now’ shots of the Hook alumni, and a short blurb about what became of them. They run the gamut from the famous (Gwyneth Paltrow), to the respectable TV actor (Dante Basco, James Madio), to the academically-fulfilled (Charlie Korsmo) and, most bizarrely, to the career golf caddy (Jasen Fisher).

To anybody who was born in the mid-80s, it’s fair to say that this film probably hit at just the right time into your childhood for it to capture your imagination. Sure, it might be an uneven, relatively shoddy movie, with a cheesy, saccharine plot, and an exposition-heavy script (leaving 90s kids to scratch their heads at what all the fuss is about). But for people of a certain age, the nostalgia that this film elicits outweighs the film’s (many) flaws.


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