What if Mrs Doubtfire Was a… Horror Movie?
Oct 2012 29

In the run-up to Halloween, here is a truly terrifying titbit to have you screaming yourself to sleep tonight:

Mrs Doubtfire, that saccherine and ubiquitous holiday TV ever-present has always been a disturbing film. Disturbing because it begs several questions: why would somebody think it was a the story was a good idea? Why would anyone pick up the script and say “yup, I want this crap to define my filmmaking career”? and why would Robin Williams… oh wait, I know.

But this time, Mrs Doubtfire‘s most disturbing qualities have been laid bare by ‘Javid Power‘ in a faux trailer that cuts together footage only taken from the movie, and makes a passable and disturbing horror movie trailer.

Check it out. If you dare.



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