Where are all the Olympic Movies??
Aug 2012 02

Running a website like this one you try to look ahead and plan collections of articles that you can link to current events.  For example Nick Poulton wrote a series of posts about films that were overlooked for Oscars on the run up to the Oscars ceremony.   So obviously the biggest event in the world at the moment is the London 2012 Olympic Games, the editorial meeting went pretty much as follows:

TW: We need to write a series on the greatest Olympic movies.

NP: Good Idea

TA: Chariots of Fire!

TW: Cool Runnings?

NP: That is Winter Olympics…

TW: Still Counts, what else?

NP: Ermmm, Munich?

TA: Tenuous,  I can’t think of any others, you?

NP, TW: No….

And that is were the idea for a series died.

As I sit here watching Sir Chris Hoy win his 5th Gold Medal I ask myself why with all the drama and human interest are there not more Olympic movies?

We did miss one other Olympic movie worth mentioning ‘Miracle” the 2004 Kurt Russell film about the 1980’s US Olympic team Hockey coach.  But still this is a Winter Olympics film, were are all the Summer Olympics movies?

Did ‘Chariots of Fire’ put filmakers off from making further films incase they couldn’t cope with the comparison? Or is it just the story idea has been told before in thousands of other sports films of triumph over the odds,tragedy or oppression?

Here are three ideas to get you started Hollywood:

‘Bolt: The Usain Bolt Story’ the story of the fastest and coolest man on earth?  Will Smith in the lead role and with a cameo by Boris Johnston dangling from a zip wire in the back ground.

‘2012 & Coe’ The story of Sebastian Coe’s work organising the games with a cameo by Steve Ovett playing the head of G4S security Nick Buckles.

‘EEL’ The story of Eric the Eel Moussanbani the Equatorial New Guinea swimmer who through two false starts managed to be the only swimmer left in his heat of 100 meters freestyle and barely won it.

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