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Mar 2012 04


 Uber awesome array of individually designed geek t-shirts and hoodies unavailable anywhere else. Choose your design (from a huge selection) and size:




Mar 2012 04

Sad news of the passing of the man behind many of the great Sci Fi designs and possibly the most iconic villain of all time Darth Vader.

Follow the link for his personal website and the collection of his work.

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Mar 2012 07


Nice tune and lovely vid from ambient duo ‘The Dead Texan’.

Glen’s Goo by The Dead Texan


Mar 2012 08


Love this image!

AT-AT in Chicago on the Behance Network.

‘Against the Grain’ Pt 2 – Solaris (2002)
Mar 2012 08


The second in a series of reviews highlighting movies that have been unfairly panned and worth re-visiting for any semblance of merit:

I love Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris (2002). I love it more than Tarkovsky’s original (1972). Simple as that.

The mean, moody opening is magnificent and rain-soaked. Clooney is as far from the bad memories of Batman and Robin as he could possibly be and clearly wanted to make a statement to Hollywood that he didn’t always want to play. A bold step.

And this is where Solaris failed. People wanted a blaster wielding ‘Clooney in Space’ saga. This film wasn’t it. A thinking-person’s sci-fi, with one of my favourite soundtracks, this is puzzling, challenging, sad and tender.

Clooney is brilliant and the staging onboard the ship is beautifully designed and realised. The cinematography throughout is a dream.

For this film to get a paltry 6.2 on imdb is a mark of how underrated it is. If Hollywood only backed more of this stuff, the average cinema-goer’s value system would be overhauled we would all to want to engage with something more meaningful.

An elusive, beguiling and woefully undervalued flick. See it.

Solaris Clip – “I remembered her wrong”


Mar 2012 09


Classy: Simplistic Star Wars Poster Remakes | Geekologie – Gadgets, Gizmos, and Awesome.

Mar 2012 12

French comics artist Jean Giraud, known by fans as Moebius has died at 73.

He worked on several Hollywood films including “Alien,” “Tron” and “The Fifth Element” and was a co-founder of U.S. comics magazine Heavy Metal in 1975.

Jean Giraud, known as Moebius, 73, ‘one of the greatest artists of world comic art’ –.

Mar 2012 15

This must have taken ages to complete and how they didn’t get stopped by the old bill I will never know.

Tron Legacy Dancers
Mar 2012 16

Love this awesome dance routine from a group in Japan decked out in Tron Legacy gear.

Dance Routine


Mar 2012 16

This made me smile so much I though my face would break.  A true Genius.

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