Feb 2012 14

This may be old news but it is new to me, check out these amazing Star Wars images mixing modern settings with the films characters and ships.



Feb 2012 20

So you see tons of great art work online, in magazines and on TV and you want to know how to get that effect or this one, Well help is at hand, To get you Started try this tutorial.

Streaking Special Effect Explosive Color Swath – Photoshop Tutorial



Online Art Community
Feb 2012 22

Red Bubble is a fantastic online Art and Design Community and Gallery. Sign up to view some great talent and exhibit your own stuff as well as buy clothes and wall prints.



Feb 2012 25


The Curious Brain » Bechet Benjamin.

Follow the link for some great photo’s of superheroes out of their natural environments.


Feb 2012 27


That is a lot of megapixle’s for a camera let alone a phone!

Nokia announces 808 PureView: Belle OS, 4-inch display, 41-megapixel camera(!) — we go hands-on (video) — Engadget.


Vid of a vid and the vid
Feb 2012 28


Nice mini ‘making of’ feature for King Creosote and Jon Hopkins’ track ‘Bubble’:

Making of Bubble

and the finished video itself:

Bubble Video


Feb 2012 29


Flickr: Avanaut’s Photostream.

Check out the link for some great photo’s of Star Wars toys.

Mar 2012 06

This was shot on a Go Pro Hero and launched from Germany.  Check out some the footage from about 2 minutes 30 in.  Stunning work.

Mar 2012 10
Eyewitness App
Mar 2012 17

My wife introduced me to the Guardian Eyewitness App for the iPad. It simply updates a daily image from some news story around the world. The photos are astonishing and tell their stories without any need for words.

Simple, beautiful and free.

Get the Guardian Eyewitness iPad App Here


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